capture and share real journeys THRU long trails,

to inspire humans and protect nature.



No script. No pre-production. No support team.

THRU features a real journey, set across 1,200-miles of the most remote wilderness in the lower-48, on America’s newest National Scenic Trail - the Pacific Northwest Trail.

It’s not just hiking. It’s a never-before-seen window into the grit and beauty of a long-term, congressionally designated wilderness experience.

In 2020, a documentary project featuring this journey THRU | The Pacific Northwest will be released. Stay tuned for weekly content on our Facebook and Instagram.


This is a devotion.


A hard-won quest with many layers


Employing a journalistic style that combines the focus of Howard Zinn with the approach of Hunter S. Thompson, we uncover seldom heard stories, from a unique perspective. Our subjects include competition banjo pickers, protected watersheds, cabin builders, and one, giant pack of wolves.


Averaging over 20 miles per day, with 3,000 feet of elevation gain, this is a real journey, captured by the people attempting it. It’s not just a beautiful hike, it’s a story grounded in grit.


Every week our rations ran out and we were forced to resupply. Using our thumbs, we hitch-hiked to out-of-the-way towns and found ourselves interacting with the core of Pacific Northwest culture.


Moving across America’s last intact eco-system outside Alaska, we hiked with Leave No Trace principles thru a plethora of geologies, biologies, habitats and climates - all of which became characters within the story.

origin story of America’s newest national scenic trail

With support from the Pacific Northwest Trail’s founder, and access to hundreds of archival photographs and audio-recordings, we reveal the 40-year journey that created America’s newest National Scenic Trail.

the psychology behind a team

Near-strangers at the start of the trek, we explore the inner-workings and team dynamics as we face every challenge the trail gods throw at us. The relationship between self preservation and team success is tested throughout every step of this difficult journey.


Nature is a nomad, and she needs to move.

Jim WIlliams  |  scientist, author, mountain lion expert


Why share this story?

By sharing this story and inspiring people to get out on long trails, more people will form a deep, responsible, and lasting relationship with wilderness.

The more folks who harness this connection, means there will be a louder, more passionate voice for its protection in the future.