My goal is to capture not only the beauty of a long trail, but the grit and dedication required to hike one.

ANDY LAUB I journalist, filmmaker, cinematographer


How we work


There were no support crews, camera operators, guides, trucks waiting at road junctions, dollies, or craft services. Within remote backcountry, we operated as a completely self-sufficient documentary unit - meaning the folks who attempted the 1,200-mile journey, are the ones who captured it.

Because of this, we were able to clear production hurdles that have thwarted previous storytellers from intimately capturing a complete and authentic picture of what it’s like for a group of individuals to come together and hike over 1,200 miles THRU American backcountry.


To create an adventure film, you have to go on an adventure.

PETER HOCHHAUSER I commercial editor, cinematographer, color specialist


The Filmmakers

Andy Laub

Executive Producer, Journalist, Cinematographer, Editor, Writer, Soundtrack Director, Soundscape Design

Though my birth certificate says I was born in Pennsylvania, it's a damn lie. I was born hiking the Appalachian Trail. That 2,000 mile hike not only sparked a love for nature, it inspired a passion for capturing stories connected to it. My name's Andy Laub. I'm an award-winning documentary filmmaker, expedition leader and bonafide dirtbag journalist.

Since that hike, I've trekked another 5,000 miles in search of compelling stories. From nature films to cultural documentaries, my work as an executive producer, writer, cinematographer, soundtrack composer, editor, visual effects artist, and expedition coordinator has been featured on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC World, and dozens of American film festivals.


Peter Hochhauser

Executive Producer, Cinematographer, Color Specialist

I love my job, but like many of us I felt the desire to break free into the wild. So, during the Spring of 2016, I hopped on a plane from Austria and flew out to Southern California to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. With very little hiking experience, I endured significant challenges along the entirety of the trail, but the people I met kept me motivated. After my first journey and subsequent short film, I went on to partner with Andy Laub to raise the bar of outdoor cinema.


Brennen Bartlett

Associate Producer, Cinematographer

For years I’ve hiked to capture time. This was the largest, most challenging space to do just that. And, as the only Pac NW local on the team, this was my journey home.


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