It’s not the strongest of the species that survives… but the one that is most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin I Biologist, Author, Social Disrupter


Adaptive Partners make for ground-breaking journeys

This project would not be possible without the support and wisdom of our partners. Their contributions continue to make this journey possible, and worth exploring.

Osprey White with Title.png

Osprey grew from one person’s desire to use and make more comfortable, longer lasting and functionally sound packs. Over the last forty-something years they’ve stayed true to this ethos as they’ve grown as a company and a brand.

They’re inspired by and celebrate the desire to explore life with curiosity and passion. It’s why they partnered with this film project, and continue to be a driving force behind our ability to complete this journey.

It’s true - Wherever you find adventure, Osprey’s got your back.



Outdoor Research partnered with this project because it’s a company based on a feeling: the urge to get out.

Ron Gregg built Outdoor Research on the idea that life is an adventure, and the best gear makes it more fun. It's not how often we get out as much as how often we want to be out that makes us who we are. Outdoor Research’s goal is to do all they can to expand the tribe of people who share their belief that progress is spiritual and life is unimaginable without the quest.

Outdoor Research has been critical to our quest in not only in supplying thru-hike worthy gear, but also the support to make this project happen.

Outdoor Research. Designed By Adventure.


For forty years, the Pacific Northwest Trail has been a niche trail, known only to a small band of eccentric saunterers.  Its story is rich in history, long on adventure, and, in a time of unprecedented threat to our public lands, too important to remain unknown to anyone who would help us to preserve it.

Jeff Kish I executive Director, Pacific Northwest Trail Association


Ron Strickland

After decades of work, our volunteers persuaded Congress to add the Pacific Northwest Trail to the National Trails System in 2009. That was a success, but to thrive the trail needs to be better known. This film project will fulfill that need by conveying our message to a broad and new generation of wilderness lovers.

Ron Strickland I Founder, Pacific Northwest Trail